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welcome to Smart Paws Dog Obedience & Canine Training.  Where we strive to build a better bond between humans and their canine companions.  Please feel free to look around and let us know if you have any questions.

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Smart Paws is moving from the Goldsboro area due to my husbands job relocating in November.  I personally recommend Cooke's K-9 Training to anyone looking for dog obedience instruction or help.  I have instructed and trained Erin Cooke of Cooke's K-9 and would recommend her to any individual and any of my past students. Erin Cooke is a certified dog trainer with ABC, Animal Behavioral College.


Cooke's K-9 Training

Mission of Smart Paws Dog Obedience & Canine Training

The mission of Smart Paws is to create, build, and better enhance the teamwork relationship of a dog owner and their canine companion.  This relationship is built through positive motivational and humane training.  The goal is to create a common language between the pack leader (the human) and their dog.  Building, strengthening and enhancing the communication between a leader and their canine companion adds to a long-term loving relationship.

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Smart Paws
in the Goldsboro News Argus

Contact Information

Head Trainer/Owner                                         
    Jessica Smith    Ph. #

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    Erin Cooke         Ph. # 919-440-6468

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Goldsboro, North Carolina (Click for map)

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